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simca 8 sport diecast

News tuning 1/18
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Scale for simca 8 sport
The scale indicates the size of the diecast car. So when talking about the 1/18 scale, it means that one centimeter on the diecast simca 8 sport is 18 centimeters in reality. To give you an idea simca 8 sport diecast 1/18 scale measuring between 25 and 30 centimeters depending on the model and simca 8 sport diecast 1/43 scale measuring about 10 centimeters. More scale is the higher more the car will be small. The links below allow you to filter your search by simca 8 sport diecast scale.

All models of simca 8 sport
Discover all models of simca 8 sport available.

Simca 8 sport diecast

Simca 8 sport Cabrio black 1951

Simca 8 sport Cabrio black 1951 diecast model car

Brand and Manufacturer : Simca, 8 sport tuning, Norev
Scale : 1/43